Killers EP

by Life Jackets

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released July 4, 2011

mastered by JIANT FAWN



all rights reserved


Life Jackets New York, New York

This recording was tested on animals. They didn't love it.

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Track Name: Killers
knuckles white
and weak from the hold
but i can't let go
like i swore to
and i forget the way you look
forget the way you laugh
fade in another track
just for you
you kind of took my breath
so i'm gonna take yours too
i've been clean for a while now
and i get more sleep than i need to
so i've slowed it down
and don't go out of bounds
i'm three feet underground
whenever i'm with you
Track Name: Holy Holy Hand Grenade
honest it's the fights i miss
nobody was better to share hits with
you were just a kid so you stayed for a while
i had a punching bag for a doll
and it smiled like bleach surrounded by teeth
when i yield so will she
i promise it's her punch that spoke
one thousand times louder than i'm sorry could say
tell her she pretty though she more beautiful
sometimes the right words just get in the way
i could i could be your everything
if you told me to i would never drink again
if i could have you back i would never let go
you would never know what it means to be alone
Track Name: Baggage (motherfucker mix)
forgive me mom
i've done drugs for so long
and i'd be lying if i told you i'm trying
sorry girl that i got mad for so long
it was probably just the weather
it was cold then
if i could turn back time i would
life's too short
let nothing hurt too long
forgive me dad
i've been bad for so long
and i'd be lying i told you i'm trying
lastly boys
you've had my back for so long
and if you've seen me cry
thanks for not telling